Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

It is crazy stupid what motivates me but last night I stayed up working until one a.m. because I wanted to be able to use my new calendar and track my work. I am stuck at outlining chapter six. I’m not sure if I’m stuck because I took a few days off to go to Walla Walla or if I’m really just stuck but either way I’ve got to figure it out and keep going because I want to be outlined through Chapter 13 by month’s end. And you know I’ll want to check off that little box on my January Goal Page!

Yesterday, according to my writer’s calendar was "National Handwriting Day." Seeing that gave me a flashback to when I was at McCarver Elementary and learning cursive. My mom was in the hospital and Dad was trying to help us with our homework. It was a very frustrating night. Also, my dad did not make macaroni and cheese the Kraft way. Instead, he thought he was doing a good thing by making us a special dinner with baked mac and cheese. We did not appreciate his gourmet treatment and couldn’t wait for Mom to get home. Not just ’cause of the cooking thing, though.

I had really sloppy handwriting. Or, I didn’t care. Either way, Dad would check our homework before bed and if mine was really sloppy he’d tear it up and I’d be back to the drawing board. I guess it was worth it because I get compliments on my handwriting now. But damn.

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