Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

An amazing thing happened today. I got some work done. A lot of work actually. Who knew how helpful the ability to concentrate could be? I went from (computer) files of notes and no draft to a draft that's already 1,500 words over the 2,500 word limit. So, it turns out, Christina (the amazing Writer Mama) is right, I can concentrate. And whenever I got the urge to distract myself with chores, calling a friend or paying bills, all I had to do was remember I was paying someone else to watch Sam so I could work. Sam, by the way, seemed relatively happy to see me when I came to pick him up but looked like he could've stayed and played with his new friends for a few more hours.

I was surprised and delighted this morning by seeing I got a Gold Star over on Writer Mama's blog for my Deadline Mommy post. Which I am eager to report, I am once again. This time, though, it is a little less stressful since Matt, our neighbor/Sam's God Mother Loretta and Ms. B. are helping take the pressure off of me to feel like I have to be and do everything all at once.

I'd say I'm a good half-way done. Still a little behind but confident I'll catch up. Stupid croup.

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