Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

I'm thinking it's time to change some of my writing habits. I used to work really well on "deadline mode." In fact, the pressure of a deadline used to be more motivating than stressful.

But that was back when I could literally check out and ignore everything and everyone until I was officially done. Now that there's this unpredictable little human being counting on me to keep him alive. While Matt is fully capable of fending for himself, Sam? Not so much. I was so cranky trying to meet my column deadline I could hardly stand myself. I'm surprised Sam didn't sleep more just to avoid listening to me read him another draft in a sing-song voice.

In order to not have Sam equate working mommy with mean mommy, I'm going to tweak this waiting till the last minute habit so I'm not frantic when things go sideways.

I have a little down time before gearing up for the next project to catch up on chores, sleep and blogging. Do you guys have a zillion half-written posts in your drafts box, too?

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