Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

I like alliterations. And lists. And having little “things” that I do to make me feel like I’m being the organized me I want to be.

I’m just a dork like that.

The three things originally started with my trying to pare down my “organize everything” goal to realistic chunks. Eventually my goal simply became this: don’t need to move ten things to do one thing. For example, when cleaning the tray of Sam’s highchair, it’s nice to have a clear counter to lay it on. Or, when plugging in the computer, it’s nice not to have three gadgets (and their cords) near each outlet. Or … you get the drift. I decided to try to do three things, no matter how small, as I leave each room to see if that didn’t add up to make a difference. I am amazed. I think in some circles this is called “picking up after yourself.” Novel concept. Not that my momma didn’t try to teach me all this stuff.

Three things I did work-wise this morning: started outlining Meet Mac, almost finished Chapter 5, rough, roughdraft of my column which is suddenly due a week early thanks to an unforeseen change in travel plans.

Three things I’m into right now: samples of sugar-free Malibu Rum (alcohol free) coffee flavoring, Snapfish and planning for my new office.

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