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Raising the Hardy Boys

Keith richardsThis is my new haircut. I really, really wish I was kidding. In fact, it looks worse than this because it’s not the 70s and because I am not nearly as cool as Keith Richards. I don’t know what kind of crack my favorite hair person was smoking when she went all Edward Scissorhands on me but Oh. My. God.

Even polite people try to tell me “it’s not that bad” but helllllloooo I’m a Pisces, I see what you’re not saying in your eyes, and it’s something like this: dear God. What happened to you?

Amy asked if I was going to get a refund. Refund? Hell, I’m trying to figure out if I can sue for emotional damages. It’s that bad.

2 thoughts on “Retro is not always cool

  1. BK says:

    Oh Nat, I know exactly how you’re feeling. I ended a 3 year relationship with a stylist when he gave me “Rod Stewart” hair. I remembered when he was finished he was so proud of himself, he said “its sooo sassy, I love it”. I almost fell out of the chair! I went in wanting to come out looking like Samantha Jones. Ugh! I should have said something, but I think I was in shock. Hang in there, it does grow back.


  2. rose says:

    Post a real pic! I want to see it. I bet it looks good, sweetie. It’s just a shocker at first.


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