Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

I was aware Olympics Season was approaching but when I hopped on my Google Machine this morning I saw the cute little icon reminding me today was the big day.

Which is kind of a problem for me because I had this idea the other day to use the Olympics to kick off my Operation Self Health plan. It was just an idea. I figured I'd plan more specifically when it got closer to Opening Ceremonies time. Tonight is sooner than I'd intended but what the hell. No time like the present to focus on wellness. I really can't have my kid eating kale, tofu, kelp and brewer's yeast while I do nothing different nutritionally. Can you say hypocrite? Sam, by the way eats those things without batting an eye while I try not to make faces as I feed them to him.

The thing about the Olympics is that for me it's always been something other people watch. Sure, if the Olympics are on TV when I walk into the room I might watch for a few minutes but I've never been really into it.

Also, in the past it's been kind of annoying that there is nothing else to watch on television during  Olympic Season. Scandals aside, it just hasn't been my thing.

Until now. For some reason, I got to thinking about how amazing it is for these athletes to have their hard work and training lead them to this opportunity of representing their countries and competing in the Olympics.

It's hard not to be inspired when you think about how much passion, sacrifice and energy these people (and their people) put into making this dream a reality. I think the difference between people who succeed at reaching their goals and those who don't is the getting up every day and going after it. Again and again until your belief in yourself and your hard work yield the desired results. Hoping and wishing didn't get these athletes to Beijing, and it won't get my book(s) published or lower my body mass index. Perseverance, however, will.

All that is to say, thinking about these Olympic athletes who have lives, families and jobs of their own, makes me realize that I have more time than I've been willing to admit to dedicate to maintaining one of my most blessed gifts – my health.

Using the Olympics as a source of inspiration, I will have thought of a specific goal or two to focus on during Olympic season. Anyone care to join me?

Now, this is reality TV, people.

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