Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Our morning my morning (because I guess I shouldn't presume to speak for Sam) started off kind of on the crappy side. First of all, it was morning. Secondly Sam's sleep was off (I think he reads my blog and saw that I told you we had nap times figured out and was like naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh keep dreaming – wait, you have to sleep to dream…) and he's been all cranky and farty and then he goes and falls off the bed. He's okay. But I'm still trying to get that look of panic in his eyes out of my mind. Our bed, FYI, is on the ground– first apartment in college style– so it wasn't a long fall, but still … He shot me a very accusing look as he sobbed in my arms. Good Morning, Sunshine.

So I'm trying to be all zen about things and not let my moods control my outcome blah, blah, blah and then I remember I have to go water a friend's plants and check on her cat early this morning. So I load up Sam and Lucy Baby in the car (all in pjs) and head over there. I trip over the hose, get totally soaked and curse myself for ever having taken this on. I deserve a coffee drink. But have no cash. Behold the power of loose change. I head to the drivethru, it's backed up. Lucy's entertaining Sam so we're good. I decide to let a guy in ahead of me. He looked like he might be in a hurry and well, we're still in our pjs and the day is off course anyway so what's another few minutes? We exchange a little wave and nod and I marvel at my good fortune that I haven't cleaned out my car any of the 37 times I've thought of it this week because I had plenty of change and all my mail I've been stashing on the passenger seat. Matt, by the way, loves that little habit of mine.

As I'm reading my magazine, the coffee stand girl tells me the guy in the other lane has paid for my coffee.

And just like that my day is good again. There's a lot to be said for the whole "it's better to give than to receive" thing but frankly, it was pretty fun to have the whole reciprocal random acts of kindness experience and see the ripple effect of that. Especially in the form of a free 16 ounce soy, sugar free white chocolate mocha. Iced.

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