Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Matt and I got our very own Costco membership last weekend. No more pretending to be married to someone else at the Coscto counter so we only have to pay half and no more mooching off other people when they go. It's like we're growing up before our very eyes.

Excuse me while I extract Sam from my filing box.

While Matt was exploring the electronics aisle, the clothes aisle and "just lookin' around babe" I was checking out the books and eavesdropping.

So this couple with a sullen looking teenage daughter is browsing the books. The dad, a nice enough seeming fellow, starts looking at the calendar set I …. excuse me as I saved Sam from falling down the step into our bedroom  family room. So I'm studying this whole SET: a "Mom's" calendar, a desk planner AND twomagnetic lists for your fridge, one for groceries and one for I forget what, reminders maybe.

Pretty cool, right? Except that it's covered in cartoonish hippos and that's not really my gig. Otherwise I'd be all over that.

Well Mr. Nice Enough digs it too. In fact, he wants his wife to want it. So, so bad. He keeps trying to sell it to her.

"Look honey, it comes with magnetic lists," he holds it up again for her to see. She gives him a withering look.

"And look, you can track all the details for everyone in the family with these colored …"

She finally cuts him off by snapping, loudly, "Listen. I don't have that kind of life."

I couldn't help it. I started laughing out loud. And since I'd already exposed myself as a shameless eavesdropper I added, "No one does. This just lets us give off the illusion. That's worth $29.99. I mean, if you like hippos."

Excuse me, Sam has unearthed and is eating part of my rubber stamp collection.

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