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Raising the Hardy Boys

September's column published yesterday and I'm getting some great responses to it. If you've ever read something and considered contacting the writer – I highly encourage you to do it. Especially if it's a positive comment! An exchange like that can make a person's day. It's always nice to know your work resonates with someone.

The column is available on the News-Register's new web site:

Here's my little request – if you have time, and you like the article and think someone else might enjoy it – could you use the new "e-mail" this article or "comment" option? And if you're really feelin' the love, the Giraffe column is still available, too!

2 thoughts on “Shameless self promotion

  1. rose says:

    I couldn’t get the comment button to work when I tried this weekend. I’ll try again!


  2. Rose says:

    Oh! You have to register to make a comment. It helps when you do not ignore the words around the comment button!


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