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Raising the Hardy Boys

Pear Salad  It seems like whenever Matt's parents come to visit we end up eating out or Matt cooks dinner leaving them with the impression that I am basically inept in the kitchen. Which might be true, but I just can't have that. So Friday when they came out for the weekend I decided to put on my Homemaker hat and have at it.

I made stuffed green peppers which were good, minus the uncooked crunchy rice. The recipe said it would cook! Here's the one little line I seem to have missed: …simmer for 15 minutes, or until rice is tender. Luckily I made face-saving salad. 

 I think the magazine photographers used Super Glue for their picture but the end result is the High and Mighty (Good) Salad from BHG's "October Cook" was really was damn good.

I can't seem to find a link to it so here's the recipe and, of course, my notes.

For four appetizer servings, toss two cups of watercress, two tablespoons toasted pecans, and two ounces crumbled blue cheese with your favorite vinaigrette dressing. Core four smooth-skinned pears from bottom, keeping stem intact. slice pears in four horizontal slices; brush cut sides with lemon juice. Reassemble pears with salad mix in between. Drizzle with honey and serve.

First, the watercress, I washed half the bunch in my salad spinner which slipped in the sink and landed in the pan with raw meat water soaking in the sink. Shit. Threw that out and started over with the second half. Needed more greens since I didn't factor in the raw meat water accident, stole some Spinach from Sam's drawer.

Didn't have enough pecans so I used a mix of pecans, pecan dust and pine nuts.

Don't have a favorite vinaigrette dressing – Annie's organic Roasted Garlic vinaigrette was on sale. It was perfect.

I already had five very ripe pears that were not pretty but delicious just the same. This step happened just as all the other steps of the main meal were converging so my mother-in-law stepped in for the coring duties – she sliced first then cut the core part out. Seems easier that way. I more like splashed the cut sides than brushed, but whatever. And I more like dumped than drizzled the honey but this was a seriously sweet salad!

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