Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

DSCF4868 Sam's Nana and Papa brought a special visitor this weekend – Cousin Zoe! The two of them could be siblings, not only in the looks department but also in the Energizer-Bunny, good-natured department. They are pictured here discussing … well, that was between them but they look deep into conversation. Zoe did teach Sam to say "Quack" this weekend.

And my little Mensa Baby spotted his rubber duck in the tub and said "Quack?" I nodded and he repeated louder: "Quack!" And again, "Quack!" And repeat until I pulled him out of the tub.

You know what that means, right? If he can make "phf" sounds and "k" sounds – you know I really have to start being careful dropping the F-bomb around here.

Which was why when I found out I had one more story to do for the project I thought was over I just smiled and said "That's perfect." Just friggin' perfect.

Since I've decided to scale back working, I've been working every day. So the main difference is less help with Sam and more things to feel responsible for at home. Not quite what I had in mind!

But I submitted my column this morning and after I turn in the final article, things should improve. The column will print on Sam's birthday next Tuesday.

I can't even believe he's about to turn one! My Baby Chi Chi is becoming way more boy than baby.

I have to go actually put on make up today and make an attempt at my hair since I'm going in to the paper for a mug shot as a candidate for city council. I could really do without the picture. Disheveled with lip gloss is my signature look and it just doesn't photograph well.

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