Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Perhaps you're wondering how things are going on the stay at home mama front?

Well, here's my burning question: where are the bon bons? And who started that rumor? I'm guessing she had a housekeeper, chef and chauffeur. Also a baby who sleeps. Funny story about that by that by the way. Samuel slept through the night last night. LOVE him. Lucy Brown, however, must've gotten into something rotten and was a very good girl by not doing her business on the new carpet but she whined to get let out every few hours. Then, she got into someone's crack stash outside and started flying around the house like it was the park and not 3 a.m. Sweet.

My housekeeping skills still pretty much stink, but I think it's more an attitude/mindset issue. It is not glamorous work but there is some satisfaction in getting something cleaned and looking all spiffy. I mean, that's what I've heard.

One of many ways I used to drive my mom crazy was when after cleaning my room she'd ask me, "Now doesn't that feel better?" I would just shrug. It was fine with me before the cleaning and I would've preferred to read. Like many other things, now I get it. My mom had us practicing feng shui before it got all Westernized – she just called it cleaning.

I've spent the better part of this morning and early afternoon cleaning in an effort to excavate some CD's due at the library today. I have a terrible, terrible feeling that said CD's were thrown into a bag during a frenzied "stash and dash" cleaning session before Matt's parents came to visit and then the bag looked like a bag of garbage and got thrown out. Still looking for the CD's but meanwhile I've gotten some laundry done, found Christine's packing tape gun I borrowed when we lived at the Coast, found and paid our water bill (I really, really miss my office!!!) and cleaned out my closet. In addition to not wanting to pay for the CD's I likely threw out, I am a little concerned about what else was in that bag.

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