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Raising the Hardy Boys

A couple days ago, all I knew about Facebook was that I'd heard it called "the newer, less sleazy MySpace." The fact that I only have a MySpace account so I could read a friend's blog explains why I didn't care much about Facebook. Until Amy turned me on to it. It is crazy cool. Next time you feel like getting into a total time warp, sign on to and back to the past you go … evidently this is not always a good thing. For me, I guess, high school is long enough ago that I'm curious about some people and genuinely interested in a few. I, it turns out, am a Facebook person.

Matt? Not so much. He came home last night and I was gushing about connecting with some of my closest friends from high school.

  • Is there anyone from high school you're curious about?

  • No.

  • No one?

  • I'm friends with the people from high school I still care about.

  • Okay, but Facebook is like  24-7 High School reunion, only you get to invite who you want to be there.

The look of horror on Matt's face as he asked me if I'd signed him up told me this was not nearly as cool for him as it was for me. Also can you think of a better deadline distraction? I mean, besides my reluctant napper. Sam is marching back and forth in his crib and giggling. I'm off to rescue him from the terrible fate that is taking an afternoon nap.

One thought on “Facebook Freak

  1. Megan says:

    I completely agree with you nat! OMG – I can sit on Facebook for HOURS! And its super cool how many people I’ve reconnected with that weren’t even in my graduating class. So cool.


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