Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Vacation for me used to mean sleeping in so long most people would consider it a sign of depression. Vacation for me used to mean catching up on reading and talking to strangers at the airport, always hoping to sit by an agent. Vacation meant a break from work.

Today, my main job is kind of a round-the-clock deal and Sam doesn't really do weekends or vacations. Funny thing, my other job, writing, is also not really a clock in and out gig. With its flexibility, comes the fact that I have to work within deadlines and editor's schedules in order to stay professional and keep checks coming in the mail.

This comes up because I ended up working on vacation. How cool to be able to travel to Florida and not skip a beat? I think I mentioned a while ago that my article on green writing was accepted by a national trade magazine. I'm stoked about the opportunity, and the learning experience. I finally got word that it will really be published in the next issue.

As a reporter, I'm used to being edited, right? But this was different because I didn't know the editors and didn't want to do anything "wrong." I am happy with the final piece, but I have to say I'm also disappointed at some of the editing decisions, even though I understand them.

I was surprised and bummed to see one of the authors I interviewed was cut completely. I couldn't fix that but I can repackage that portion of the article and submit it somewhere else.

At another part of the article, one of the writers was identified as a "self-professed" green writer. I don't know about you but that has a really negative connotation to me, kind of like saying someone is a "so-called expert." I didn't want to "bug" the editor, and I didn't want to act like a writer who can't be edited, but really, this was something that I needed to have changed because a) it wasn't accurate, the writer never professed to be anything and b) I didn't want the author to think I'd misrepresented her intentions

The editor was great about it and agreed to make the change and overall it was exciting to see galleys of my article and be able to look forward to getting a magazine I subscribe to with my byline in it. I've been waiting working to check that goal off my list for years.

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