Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Florida - family picLove this picture of us in Florida, bummer about the glasses and squinty eyes on my guys. It could've been The One. You know, for Christmas cards. I submitted my column with time to spare, how'd that happen? So now I can focus on something I'm super excited about: the holidays. If you know me, you might assume that was sarcastic, but no. I found a channel on the television that plays 24-7 Christmas music, also 80s rock, all the time. Hello, Heaven? 

This year I'm feeling the magic. Maybe it was the early start we got celebrating the holidays and family with my parents and brother in Florida. Even though Christmas lights and wreaths seem a little out of place hung on palm trees, it got me into the spirit of the season. I'm tempted to write what I put in the column along these lines but I guess I can wait a week.

Satsumas In the meantime these things, in addition to the Holiday Music Sing/Dance-a-thon Sam and I are having, say Christmas is coming to me: Satsuma mandarins, White Chocolate Peppermint coffee creamer and the five pounds I enjoyed gaining on vacation.

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