Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

DSCF5586 Sam, the cutest kid ever (besides yours, of course) learned to blow kisses. His Omama practiced with him all week and he finally gave one up. The day after we got home. We're still working on his timing.

Sam, the cleverest kid ever (other than, you know…) has also figured out that if you blow a kiss or do something really cute it can get you in less trouble. Except with the mean Safeway lady. I gave him a water bottle to entertain him and he played happily with it until I took too long deciding between Creme Brulee creamer and Tiramisu. With no warning, he winged that (full) water bottle at an older lady's feet near us.

"Nice shot," She muttered and glared. Yes, because he was surely aiming at your big toe.

I apologized profusely on his behalf, and mine, though I'm not sure what I was supposed to have done differently. She glared at both of us before shuffling away. Later, I approached her near in the cereal aisle to apologize again. Sam started grinning and blowing kisses. She clearly did not accept his apology.

Also, he loves Ketchup.

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