Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Consider this a cautionary tale. We had Sam's well-baby check yesterday. Yes, his one year appointment is a couple months late, but whatever. I suggest not using the word "homicidal" in the presence of your child's pediatrician. It raises eyebrows. On the plus side, though, we stopped messing around and are preparing to put the smack down on Sam's sleep shenanigans. Oh, so much more to say about this but Sam is getting his mini-Mussolini on. Oh, the cautionary part – besides avoiding threats of bodily harm – don't bring your partner to the appointment unless you're prepared to follow the doctor's orders. Oh, and don't flip your husband off in response to his smug smile when the doc announces you are being worked by an infant. A clever little infant, but still.

p.s. I still adore the fabulous Dr. K. And feel we've made progress since this incident:

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