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Raising the Hardy Boys

Somewhere between my rough draft and making dinner I started Project 365 today. If any of you guys are doing it, I'd love to hear about it. For many, it will look like a lot of work for not much result but I can't wait to see the pages start coming together. What is Project 365? It's a scrapbook project documenting a full calendar year of your day-to-day life. The kit, created by Becky Higgins, is seriously amazing and includes all the materials you need to complete the project. You add photos, journaling and the commitment to see it through. To learn more about the project, click here, and see the materials and get more ideas.

The hardest part today was figuring out what moment of the day to capture. I made breadcrumbs for the first time this morning, none of us eat bread heels so we have a bag of them on the verge of molding. Then I couldn't figure out the best way to store them, what with all the conflicting advice on Google. So I tossed them in the fridge for now and added "Bread crumbs" to the grocery list. I kept hearing that they will last in the pantry for a long time, but I don't believe it, bread molds, right?

As I'm getting ready for bed I saw my computer, tea, lavender oil (a surprise element in my column I'll explain later), my dictionary, AP Style Guide and notes and decided that was how I wanted to start the year, with a picture of me meeting my deadline. Hopefully I'll meet lots more of them in the new year.

Speaking of which, I'm working on building my web site, if you're a whiz with that kind of thing (or know someone who is), let me know.

One thought on “Project 365

  1. Derek Young says:

    I’m not proficient yet, but this quarter, in addition to my communications nonsense/classes I’m learning how to program interwebs. I’m not promising anything because I still think it works in a series of tubes/witchcraft, but if I get good at the webpage design/magic I’ll let you know.
    But seriously, I’m going to try this whole 365 thing. In my own way.


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