Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Thankfully all the sickness around here is balanced with some good news professionally. My "Confessions of a Green Wannabe" column went from Portland only to all of EcoMetro city publications this week – hurray! I'm excited to be able to continue this gig which has turned into a paying one – a good thing because you know, between co-pays and caffeine I need a little extra cash in my wallet.

I am, by the way, a total comment junkie so if you feel so inclined, check out the column and feel free to leave one.

3 thoughts on ““Confessions of a Green Wannabe” goes national

  1. Godmother says:

    Way to go Nathalie. I am so very proud of you. Remember I get to sit with Sammy in Oprah’s green room. Love ya


  2. Derek Young says:

    Congratulations. Does this mean you get to add “syndicated columnist” to your bio?


  3. Thanks 🙂 I probably still better keep syndicated colmnist on my goal poster 🙂


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