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Raising the Hardy Boys

Wrestling Daddy Story time circuit, take two went much better. Sam and I went to the library's "Busy Hands and Feet" story time and found it to be much more our style. Sam was able to stand and make noise for most of the class as he tried out a variety of instruments and found them all to his liking.

The teacher was super and patient and all was well until she announced the children were to play a game where they put all the instruments back in the box. Uh-oh. I watched Sam grin as all the children put things back in the box for him to pull out. She convinced him to give up his tambourine and let her close the box. Whew. Except that he watched her like a hawk and watched where she put it away. Then, and this is the part that scares me, he waited politely while she got busy with the next activity. Then he made a beeline for the instrument box.

So we took another little time out before getting back in on the action. Only this time, I wasn't the only parent with a time-out  needing toddler because that's just how the busy hands and feet folks roll.

In other news, Sam has taken to calling his dad "Matt."

3 thoughts on “Busy hands and feet

  1. B- says:

    I need to meet this little guy! He cracks me up.


  2. Christine says:

    I love that Sam is calling his dad “Matt.” Leila has also been doing that from time to time. She’ll bust out with “Nate” or “Papa Nate” and it cracks me up. Nate doesn’t think it’s as funny.


  3. Charlotte says:

    Did you see Maddie there? Marcia (the new Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) baby-sitter takes Maddie to that class. She’s the baby pounding on the hamster cage yelling, “Go, go, go!”


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