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Raising the Hardy Boys

It turns out there is something I hate more than spinning class at the gym and that would be step aerobics. Are you kidding me? So now instead of just feeling like a fat ass, I feel like a clumsy fat ass.

Part of the problem is that I can never seem to get there early enough to get the "good" spots – meaning far away from the mirrors and farther still from the helpful instructors. Ergo, all eyes on me. Truthfully probably nobody is looking, and if they happened to glance over and catch an eyeful of me jiggling and falling off the step during my little "hops", well, it probably makes them smile inside as they think, "Hey, at least I'm not her."

I have never been a good one for following directions while moving at the same time. You'd know this if you've been in the car with me, even once. It's true for dancing, it's true for gymnastics when I was a kid and it is most certainly true for step aerobics.

But unfortunately, what I am worse at is pushing myself when it comes to exercise. I'm the person you see engrossed in a magazine article while riding the stationary bicycle, pedaling just enough to keep the machine going but you can't go too fast and read at the same time, you know? So until I can kick my own ass in gear, gym classes it is. Speaking of which, gotta run. Not literally as running is not something I do unless being chased, and really, how often does that happen?

One thought on “What could suck more than spin class?

  1. says:

    You need to invest in an exercise video. You can jiggle, jangle and jive all you want in the privacy of your “home gym.” I highly recommend this option. Don’t ask me to take my own advice…at least, not very often 🙂


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