Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

We have walls, and better yet, Sam and I are no longer remodeling refugees. Thank you to Mel and Amy for a fun few days and a safe place for Sam to play. It turns out he loves playing with strollers and grocery carts. Of course, he changes to application a bit. Matt says, "Of course he loves them. Four wheels, steering control, what's not to love?"

Today I'm doing some debris cleanup in hopes of getting some things moved back in place. Of course, painting is the next step so we can't move too much, but I think we can still make things a little more, uh, comfortable. Or at least a little less crowded in the kitchen.

As I'm mopping drywall dust, vacuuming and picking up stray nails (hello? small child in the house?!) I'm thinking, thinking about my writer platform and just can't seem to pull it all together into a neat and tidy package. I'll write more later about the lecture I got to attend Sunday on platform building by Christina Katz. Meanwhile, my brain is buzzing and I'm trying to tune out the static so I can hear what that still, small voice is saying.

I could use some feedback from those of you who read my writing. Sometimes other people see things you're too close to see yourself. What do you see as my writing niche? I'm curious if what you think matches what I think it is.

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