Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

House Pictures 011 If you stopped by my house this morning, I would be able to invite you in and for once in my life not apologize for anything except asking you not to give Sam any Cheerios before the Appraisal Lady arrives.

Sam is singing and dancing to Funky Boss (Beastie Boys) to keep his mind off his Cheerios withdrawal.

Kinda wish we would've thought ahead to invite my in-laws to visit right after the Appraisal lady leaves. Anyway, if you were selling Encyclopedias, cookies or my salvation–and we lived in a time where it was safe to invite you in–you might think "Wow. This is one clean house. Really? A toddler and a lab live here?" And I would smile smugly and enjoy the false impression I'm making, if only for one day. Because what you would not know is that my lovely (and generous) neighbor let us stuff her shed with all our "garageables," provided that we aren't moving.

Also, I assume you would not be opening any drawers because at this point that would be a hazard. And we couldn't go anywhere in my car because I stashed stuff in there too.

This picture from when we first bought our house (thank you, Chris) is our inspiration to keep going because we really, really have come a long way. I am so thankful to Matt for all his hard work. And he, in turn–I'm sure– is thankful to me for being such a Saint.

So what I'm saying is, stop by. You have about an hour and a half before w'ere back to our old ways.

One thought on “Me, the Saint

  1. emily says:

    Nice work Hardys! And good luck. Really, you have a great little house Give the poor kid a cheerrio though 🙂


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