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Raising the Hardy Boys

One of the coolest things about my "Confessions of a Green Wannabe" column is getting to do product reviews. The other day I got a package in the mail from Jody Berry, creator of Wild Carrot Herbals. First of all, who doesn't love a package (provided there's no ticking or heinous order). Second of all, I get to try the contents of these beautifully packaged items and share the scoop with you guys. Have any of you tried any of her stuff?

I met Jody on one of my first afternoons out by myself way too long after having Sam. I was browsing at my favorite bookstore, Third Street Books, sans Sam and his assorted accouterments. I felt like I'd maybe left my arm at home or something. Certainly part of my brain was left behind as I was spacey and disoriented.

A beautiful woman and her sweet little baby caught my attention. They both looked so happy and healthy and the mama was so patient with her daughter. I stared openly for a moment before starting one of those "mom-to-mom" conversations taking place across the world in grocery store lines and public parks.

And you know how it goes, we'd exchanged all kinds of personal information about ourselves and pregnancy, labor and delivery, details about our first few months as mothers. All this before we'd even exchanged names.

It just so happened, she was the owner of this company and she had a sample in her bag of "Goo goo baby bum balm." And you guys, that stuff is magic. And smells so much better than the alternatives.

The new goodies I will try this week: Baby Carrot's Attitude Change Calming Cream (shouldn't those just get handed out in the delivery room?), Children's Herbal Chest Rub (which, unfortunately, I had the immediate opportunity to use as Sam got sick the very next day), and anti-fungal salve (how about I spare you my plans for this?)

Check in on the site for the review and a chance to post your own.

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