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Raising the Hardy Boys

Back in September I started taking a few notes to share my "easy" dinner reviews. They're somewhere around here, probably in the same pile as my garbage bill and Christmas cards I thought I mailed. I'm coming off of one of those weeks that leave me feeling overwhelmed by the very basics of life. I'm fine, we're all fine, just sick of being sick (who isn't!) and ready for some Spring! I gave the hour up pretty begrudgingly yesterday, by the way, what with the hail and all.

So, my sunshines, a few notes on some "easy" dinners. This was during one of my multi-deadline weeks in September. I kept meaning to make and freeze some meals but … Stouffers it was.

Really tasty, "for frozen" is how we both qualified it. Also, not nearly enough of a portion for Matt, but really, what is? But I was feeling pretty snacky later in the evening as well. Stress-eating anyone?

Notes: Easy to make and nearly all the packaging is recyclable.

  • Ultimate DiGiorno supreme pizza

Don't try this at home. If you happen to crave cardboard, just melt some cheese on an empty cereal box.

  • Market Bay Salmon Fillets with Spicy Mango Sauce – take out of box, bake

(I still managed to set off smoke alarms and got a call from Amy a few blocks away that a little brown bullet named Lucy showed up at their house)

cooked with asparagus spears and brown rice, topped with mango salsa

What are your favorite "get dinner on stat" out of the freezer/cupboard meals?

best one yet

  • For snacks: Kashi's TLC (tasty little chewies) Cherry Dark Chocolate

Taste – A++

Ability to hold together: not so much

4 thoughts on “easy dinner review

  1. emily says:

    Taco Bell. Oh wait, you said out of my freezer or cupboards. Well, I do have dreams about creating a freezer full of food (which I will pull off with the help of friends one of these days) but there aren’t any full meals in there to speak of. In a pinch I often throw a couple garden burgers in the toaster. Use the highest setting and push down the “thingy” three or four times. Slather with ketchup, defrost some frozen veggies and I call it dinner.
    Scrambled eggs and toast makes an occasional appearance too.


  2. mel says:

    Still workin on the freezer meals… If we don’t have tortellinis or ravioli pasta for quick meals I sometimes make a tuna pasta- saw the recipe in a cookbook Chris got for graduation. I modified it : Mix 2 cans drained tuna with a little olive oil (1-2tb), blk pepper, italian seasonings, (garlic- crushed or powder if you like), mix together. Add to cooked spiral or penne pasta. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese into the pasta mix.
    Also- been wanting to recreate a meal I remember from childhood- do you remember spaghetti noodles with cottage chz and bacon crumbles? Vierka reminded me of this simple and yummy dish…


  3. Jenni says:

    Whenever I have time to make soup, I double (or triple) the recipe and freeze as much as I can. We have an especially easy lentil soup that is almost always in the freezer.
    Also, I fell in love with the pressure cooker a few years ago. I use it about twice/week to prepare above soup and risotto (6 minutes, folks!). I also read recently that risotto freezes well so I have a quart of it waiting.
    We also do scrambled eggs, toast and smoothies in a pinch.


  4. Nadya Zimmerman says:

    We have a trader joe’s near us so it is all about the frozen pizzas and lasagnas from there . . . and there is the whole bowl of cereal thing, and of course, cheese melted on bread or tortilla or fries or starch of any kind.


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