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Raising the Hardy Boys

How are we doing on the food journal front folks?

I got a few phone calls and e-mails to let me know I'm not alone in being over the whole self-loathing thing; and ready to try something different than hopin' and wishin'.

So, I'll fess up first. Three days into keeping my food journal, I misplaced it. Somehow, though, just doing it for three days got me taking mental notes until I found it again this morning. (Under my car seat, let's not look too deeply into that one).

My favorite entry in those three days, though, is this:

"3 cookies -stress eating over how fat I feel. WTF?!"

And second place:

"1 drink, wanted 10, +184 calories"

The food journal is working in the sense that it's getting me thinking about what I'm eating, and why. I'm only writing calories down when it's convenient because looking that stuff up is the thing that leads to me to deciding this food journal thing is fine for others, but it doesn't work for me. To illustrate how many times I've attempted to keep one, the one in my purse now has an entry dated August 7, 2006.

Okay, I've found the thing and am back on board as of this morning. What was interesting to me over the weekend is that even though we were out of town, I managed to do alright on the crap food front. I think there's really something to that virtual weight-loss motivation thing because I could see that picture in my head and that person in the picture wouldn't pig out at every possible opportunity.

I tend to "treat" myself whenever possible, so when Matt's aunt wanted to share a cookie, I was like, "share a cookie? What on Earth?" But I agreed, and immediately started figuring out how to get my own cookie. I planned to buy one to share and one to inhale before I got back to the table. As I was ordering the cookies, I pictured me minus 35 pounds in my head and decided to share the cookie, and here's the cool part, without feeling bad about it. It was a good cookie and I should stop writing about it 'cause now I'm kicking myself for not smuggling one home.

More fun fitness facts I learned about myself this morning at the stupid gym: I burn more calories with an ipod; I listen to music I would judge other people for blasting in their car. (I am such a jerk!)

3 thoughts on “Damn food journal follow up

  1. emily says:

    You inspired me to be more conscious about food choices…


  2. Derek Young says:

    I learned a little trick with the gym that helps me go. Actually two tricks, but they work well.
    1) If I feel like I’m too tired I force myself to go thinking that if 10 minutes in I still don’t feel good, I’ll give myself a break and go home. Believe it or not, once there it’s not hard to keep going.
    2) If I skip a day I just go the next as though it never happened. Otherwise it was an excuse to waste a week and say to myself “I’ll start fresh next Monday.”
    If all else fails I just look at a picture of me in a speedo in high school and the self-loathing kicks my butt into gear. 😉
    Keep it up kiddo!


  3. jane, candid says:

    Checking back in on the (damn) food journal!
    So far, so good; progress, not perfection.
    One thing I like on the template I am using (that I have had but not used since 2006) — it has a “hunger scale” from 0-10 that I fill in each time I eat, which helps me see if I am eating because I am really hungry, or other…
    I also try to remember the advice I once received (in 2006) that I do not HAVE to eat enough to get to 0 on the hunger scale each time. It is OK to feel a wee bit hungry sometimes?


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