Nathalie's Notes

Raising the Hardy Boys

Rice Teabag Me:

The Container Store, office supplies and Vicodin (This last one also explains why I'm so quiet online these days. Not much in my writing world, but man the dreams I'm having! Which means I'm sleeping. I should've arranged to burst an ovarian cyst months ago!)


Bike rides with his dad, flinging things and his organized playroom (He hasn't actually said so but I can just tell).

And now, for a new Friday Favorites feature, my link of the week:

Derek Young's New American Paradigm: The transformation of US public policy

Nathalie's Notes: You might know Derek from his sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful and always appreciated comments on my blog. I know him from the bus stop on Pt. Fosdick Drive circa … well, in middle school let's say.

I'm recommending his site because he truly has a talent for writing about politics and life in a way that is interesting and thought-provoking. And funny.

Click over and jump in and share your comments.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Derek Young says:

    See this is the part where I whine to my friend Nat and she tries to help. It’s pathetic really. πŸ˜‰
    PS This is the greatest thing for bath toys ever.
    We had a lot of fun scooping up my ex’s daughter’s toys.


  2. emily says:

    I smiled so big at the cartoon on Derek’s sight,that I had to show it to my husband who laughed out loud.


  3. emily says:

    Did you really live on a street named…fuzz dick??


  4. Derek Young says:

    Close, Pt Fosdick was the main road between our streets. I lived on 32nd Ave and Nathalie lived at 97 McBitchington Lane. True story.


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