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3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday: Veggie Pizza

  1. emily says:

    My favorite but add pepperoni. I always feel funny making that request on a veggie pizza…


  2. -A. says:

    You rock. I never had morning sickness, but I did have a horrible inner-ear infection for the better part of a year, and otter pops, ginger ale, and saltines saw me through it well. Oh, and ginger pills. If you can swallow ’em, you should try ’em. (Check with doc first of course.) Positive thoughts your way!


  3. Ashwini says:

    It is wonderful to see how committed you have been to Meatless Mondays! I recently began interning with the nonprofit campaign Meatless Monday which encourages going meatless for the sake of our physical health and our environment. Your veggie quiche from a few weeks inspired me to try it as well, but, as my family does not eat egg, I used this recipe from Meatless Monday for a Broccoli and Red Pepper Quiche which I think you will enjoy, among the various other recipes on the website: Also, there’s a Youtube video that explains the history and science of Meatless Monday quite well:


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