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Raising the Hardy Boys

Project 365 sticky notes From a young age I thought that whole "quitters never win" thing was a bunch of b.s. made up by parents to force their kids to stick with piano, ballet and tennis lessons that they hated – ahem.

Instead, I think trying something for awhile to see if it works for you is way better than never starting anything at all. That, to me, is failing.

All that is to say I made a liberating decision this morning to quit participating in Project 182.5, which for me has turned more into Project 365 Sticky Notes anyway.

My intention is to catch up to early June and call it Project 180 or something. I figure it still shows a slice of our day-to-day life but really? How many pictures of strawberries and the bath routine do I really need to take for posterity? The one picture, however, of Sam's "buggy" stained shirt next to a bottle of Spray-N-Wash, that I'm glad I have.

I'm glad I've done the project to this point because it was nice to look at the ordinary as meaningful. I am also so relieved to let it go and move on to other things.

Pregnancy seems to suck the creative right out of me. I told Matt the other day I feel like I've done nothing creative in the last, oh, 13 weeks. He said: "Well, I don't know, making a whole person seems kinda creative."

Love him. Except when I'm ticked that he's suffering from none of my symptoms beyond cravings for Snickers Ice Cream.

Thanks to you who read my notes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Project 365 Sticky Notes

  1. last year i began april with great intentions to do the “poem a day challenge” on
    at first it was really fun and exciting. and then it started sliding into another thing on my to-do list…and then i found myself snapping at my kids because they were disturbing me when i *had* to get my poem written.
    ummmm…yeah. don’t need that stress.
    good for you for starting the project. and good for you for knowing when to say when.


  2. mel says:

    I’m glad you have some clarity and can focus on other things like the creative growing a baby! I love it!


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