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Raising the Hardy Boys

 Office papers

I know. It's hard to believe but this really is progress. A lot of it. First of all, it's all contained to one room for the first time in, well, years. Obviously I have a ways to go before this becomes the picture of serenity I hold in my mind! I was doing pretty good staying on task for awhile but then life happened. Sam got a fever and was sick and I'm packing and getting ready for our trip. One fine day though …

One thought on “Uhhh…progress?

  1. Congratulations! Clearing up our piles of paperwork is a lot of work. You have to manually refile, re-stack, and record so that the pile doesn’t end up like another heap of garbage. But it doesn’t have to be this way, you know. The technology we have today could ease a lot of our problems with space.


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