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Raising the Hardy Boys

Today's Word Count: 1,891 (Chapters 4 & 5 completed, Chapter 6 started)

So I've been writing. A lot. Which seems to distract me from everything else. I mean, I've been writing in all the possible margins of my day that aren't spent keeping Sam happy (and alive) and making sure we have things to eat and clothes to wear, you know … the whole keeping up with life thing we all do every day. All that is to say, I've been posting in my head but I don't suppose you get those, huh?

Writing in the margins has its frustrations, the starting and stopping when I'd really prefer to just keep hacking away at the keyboard for one. I am, however, finding some unexpected advantages to this new method of of working. I have forever been looking for big chunks of time where I could settle into my project and really stay focused until I had to slump away from my desk in sheer exhaustion. Thing of it is, I've never given myself that kind of time. There's always been that little thing called paying the bills and just general life stuff keeping me from holing away for hours at a time to work on my writing. The last time I really worked on fiction like that, I was a kid and my responsibilities were limited to making my bed, showing up for meals and helping clean up afterward but even then I didn't do the hard or gross stuff, like cleaning pans, appliances and sink drainers.

Writing projects I got paid for aside, I've never given my fiction work the necessary time and attention to complete even a single project because, again, I didn't find the huge chunks of time I thought I need to make that happen.

Turns out, plenty of successful authors are quite productive writing in the margins of their busy family and work lives. I think I'm starting to see how. They keep at it, without fail, until they are finished and they don't use lack of time or being busy as an excuse.

Since I set my December deadline for this book, I've been working away steadily and am pleased to see the pages and chapters piling up. I'm at a point where today's work will be less about word count and more about mapping out how to make the next few chapters work. So say writing a book is like braiding hair (which I know little about, by the way). I'm at the point where story lines (strands) start intersecting and I need to make sure things make sense and that there's enough hair at the end of the braid to tie it all together.

But first I need to go see why my little friend isn't napping.


2 thoughts on “Writing in the margins

  1. Well now I know why Danielle Steel (sorry) locked herself into some inner walk=in closet type place for 30 days at a time. Maybe that explains why she is DIVORCED. While I still have my husband of 36 yrs and my children are intact (mostly) I don’t have 6 chapters of a book completed. Congrats to you, Nik Nat, for figuring it out. I’m very impressed. I did start my nursing website, does that count? Keep up the fantastic effort. You are my flame. xx u.p.


  2. Emily says:

    Can’t wait to see it.


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