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Raising the Hardy Boys

Sam & Matt rest stop

Despite the whole super shitty sleeping and coming home sick thing, our little spontaneous family adventure last week was awesome. And luckily, the memories and pictures will long outlive the coughing and exhaustion.

We left Thursday morning for a whirlwind stop to visit family in Walla Walla. Sam didn't fight the going to bed as bad as he usually does while traveling but he did wake up a lot. At 4:30 a.m., I heard him say: "All done." And he wasn't kidding. I brought him into bed with us which he thought was really cool with the jumping opportunities but Matt wasn't so much into it and I quickly realized at least one of us needed enough sleep to be able to drive later. Sam decided to start making his siren noises. As it was a work day, I didn't want him to wake up the whole house and he's not a kid quieted by cartoons. So I took him out to the truck, snuggled us up in a couple of his blankets and tried not to cry as I spent the next 2 hours reciting his Thomas the Train book from memory, singing 10 little monkeys and wheels on the bus over and over … good times. As the light came up, I read to him and we practiced drawing on his etch-a-sketch. I thought it was funny how self-conscious I was about my drawing while he adamantly tried to pass of the exact same scribble as both a hippo and later as an airplane. He even seemed a little offended I had to ask.

Finally, a little after 7 we saw life in the house and climbed out of the truck ready for the next adventure. By this point Sam was starting to bang his head against the window and I felt like joining him. I really, really wished I'd thought to grab the keys before rushing my wailing siren out the door.

One thought on “Our little adventure … an early start

  1. Ahhhh the joys of having a toddler, thanks, I’d almost forgotten. I wonder who’ll be the one down the road to remind you…


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