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Raising the Hardy Boys

Today's word count: 0

I want to organize everything. Today. So far I've managed to make a lot of piles and lists. I think this is some ADHD form of nesting. Also, procrastinating. I switched gears this week, from my novel to the column, and am having trouble getting back into it again. The whole thing started with Matt bringing home almost all the rest of the boxes from storage. Eight total, I think. The rest of them will fit in the cab of his truck!!! I don't know any sports terminology but I'd suppose that's something like the home stretch, right? You'll be glad to know I found some of my favorite shirts and pants. Maybe I'll fit into them some time next year. Maybe. And, thank God, I packed away boxes and boxes of tea, all expired now and empty spice bottles. Really? The question that kept running through my mind as I unpacked this week was: "What in the hell was I thinking?" And then I remembered two things. 1) I was pregnant at the time with Sam, and 2) I genuinely believed I'd be unpacked again before the baby came; I guess I just didn't know which baby!

One thought on “Nesting the ADHD way

  1. mel says:

    Funny!!!! I can see it now!!


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