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Raising the Hardy Boys

"I'm done doing baseboards!" I declared to a friend the other day. This, of course, implied that there was a time I ever cleaned my baseboards. (Picture The Office's Kelly Kapoor giving the slight head shake).

That being said, I was wondering why I was feeling so wiped out and like everything was taking just a little more effort each time. I figured my super-belly had something to do with my limited ability to reach things but a conversation at the supermarket put things into a rather alarming perspective yesterday.

"How many more weeks till you're due?"

"Oh, it's still months, not weeks."

"Really?" I braced myself for the "sure it's not twins?" comment.

"Yeah, January."

"So that's 8 weeks."


Blank stare.

"Oh my God. I have to go!"

And I've been making lists ever since.

4 thoughts on “Quitting baseboards

  1. emily says:

    Cross prepared meals in the freezer off your list; I’ve got you covered. Well, maybe just cross a meal or two off.


  2. AmyC says:

    You are an awesome mother and will continue to be so. I believe in you and when have I been wrong?


  3. Suzie Berger says:

    You are constantly bringing me laughter! Thanks!


  4. OMg! I am laughing my butt off…and that is a considerable amount of laughing! Hello reality…bye, bye denial! u.p.


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