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Raising the Hardy Boys

IMG_1263 I don't know if Satsuma snobbery is genetic or if Sam is just that smart but he's got it figured out. He loves Satsuma mandarins as much as I do. Of course, I don't get as much out of the "ball" factor as he does but we eat a lot of them together. Enough that I thought it was getting to be a pricey habit so I bought some Satsuma knock-offs. After biting into one of those fakes, he made a funny face and said: "This not juicy!" He was totally right. It sort of sucked. For the rest of that box he called them "not juicy" every time he ate them. When I got the real ones he laughed and said, "That juicy!" I adore my little mandarin connoisseur. This morning, instead of coming into the closet and wreaking havoc while I get dressed he snuck downstairs while I thought he was playing in his room. I heard suspicious noises and realized the gate was open and sure enough, I found him in the pantry. He'd opened and unpacked a  box of "Daddy's cracker bars. Sam have some, please, can you?" No, I told him, but you can have something else. Back to the pantry he went and out he came with this armful of Satsumas. "Something else, please, can you?" He said as he deposited them on the table and climbed into his high chair. IMG_1265



One thought on “Satsuma snobbery

  1. I love that I have finally come out of my coma to get caught up on some fine posts…my spirit needs them. And…nice to know that Sam got some genes from you AND his grandparents (quite a fete!)


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