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Raising the Hardy Boys

Ripa I know it's not the season to be a hater but … I can't help it.

Kelly Ripa, The super mom, according to her appliance commercials, when asked "What does every woman need?" Responds with: "A really big shoe closet."

Shallow much? To me she looks like she needs to hide some food in her closet and take a bite every now and then but then again that makes me sound a little bitter.

If you missed it, my article ripping on Ripa got a second place award this year from the National Newspaper Association. You can read it here.

3 thoughts on “Still Rippin’ on Ripa

  1. She uses the word “amazing” too much. And I agree with you, every time I see that stupid commercial I think of your article! I loved it.


  2. Thanks for the link to the original, I hadn’t read that and it was so good! Congrats on the award..well deserved (I’d go for 1st place, but I am a bit biased!). Well glad to see you have your priorities straight. For my generation it was Martha….I just wanted to slap her, although I don’t think she ever got any parenting awards. u.p.


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