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Raising the Hardy Boys

Sam in Jake's seat 
I found Sam in the baby's carseat, rocking and singing "when the wind blows … the baby will fall … cradle and all …" Super. 

Seven days since my last post and I didn't even realize it … I've officially entered The Fog. Not only am I forgetting all kinds of things, I have no recollection of said thing when reminded. This is very disconcerting for my formerly somewhat organized self. For instance, Amy told me I left my phone at her house. Later, I couldn't find my phone. Looked all over for it. When she called to tell me she was going to stop by and bring my phone. Oh, right.

Unfortunately, I've also forgotten things like oh, paying for my post office box and I got locked out of it. Sam now knows how to say "deadbeat" thanks to his Daddy's hilarity.

Speaking of hilarious … the hospital bag is nearly packed and I just have to finish writing up my birth plan. A birth plan, by definition, seems to be a document first time pregnant women are encouraged to write in order to, I don't know, give them the illusion of control and sense of security over the whole labor and delivery gig. It was mentioned a few times when I was pregnant with Sam. This time, no one has asked about it even once. I assume this is because I'm now privy to the fact that it was a joke in the first place. A birth plan.

But just in case, I'll go ahead and write one up to tuck into my bag. (I just won't print as many copies as I did the first time.)

p.s.  some might think this is funny – my pregnancy journal from Sam includes this draft of a fill-in-the-blank birthing plan:

I PREFER TO LABOR … (where, in what position, with whom, etc.)

my answer: as little as possible


my answer: bring it on

sparing you TMI here


my answer: Help.

2 thoughts on “Birthing plans and other hilarity

  1. AmyC says:

    I think Aaron and my dad are pregnant.


  2. mel says:

    HILARIOUS!! I totally remember that- no one asks you the second time around!!


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