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Raising the Hardy Boys

I woke up at 5 a.m. today with a craving for a kiwi. More than a craving. More like a we need to stop by Safeway on the way to the hospital and get some kiwis. Which also means that we're on the way to the hospital in a few minutes here.

I didn't post this earlier to protect myself from the small (but still) number of people who would try to talk me out of a decision deemed medically necessary but still a hard one to make. I just couldn't have any negative stories about labor induction floating around an already crowded brain.

All that is to say today is most likely THE day we get to meet Baby Jake!!! I am equal parts excited, emotional and what's a word that starts with "e" and means afraid?

Matt is being encouraging with things like: "Don't worry, honey the second one slips right out. It's like a water slide for them." Which, of course, is not what I've heard about Pitocin, but hey that is a terrific affirmation! Come on quick and easy!!

So besides wanting a kiwi, I started stressing out that I didn't make the scones for the hospital staff like I'd meant to last night and I didn't have a gift for Sam for being a big brother yet and I haven't even finished Sam's scrapbook yet (and by finished I mean started) and I don't have a giraffe-like-thing for Jake and he doesn't even have his own category on my blog yet … see what I mean about the crowded brain?

Then I realized a human being to call his own brother is a really great gift for Sam and I have more immediate things to worry about, like for instance, scouring the streets at this early hour in search of street drugs in case the epidural doesn't take.

Just kidding, Chief!

Okay, friends … car is running, Matt is giving me the "really?!" look so it's time to go meet our new little guy. We'll share details soonish.

6 thoughts on “Craving kiwis and a baby

  1. Rosie says:

    Wow! Good luck & blessings to you! I love you! I think we’ll call him Kiwi instead of Pickle. But they’re both green 🙂


  2. Redda says:

    God Bless the little family next door.
    I love you all. I can’t wait to meet and rock baby Jake.


  3. Suzie Berger says:

    I’m so excited for you! I hope all goes smoothly and quickly!! 🙂


  4. emily says:

    No matter what happens, today will be perfect. Here’s to one fabulous mama and the Hardy boys!


  5. Rosie says:

    I bought baby Jake a floppy zebra (if he likes it, I’ll get a backup!) & big brother Sam a gift too – robot themed pee chee & drawing paper 🙂 waiting to hear the big news!!


  6. Thank you, guys 🙂
    Rosie – love that you are thinking ahead for the backup 🙂 YES! Sam’s first pee chee!


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