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Sam visits

"How's Sam doing with all this?"

Well … it depends on the moment. When asked about his new brother, in all variations of the question, he always answers positively. This photo is taken on his first visit to the hospital where he walked around the bassinet and stole sideways glances at the baby while otherwise completely ignoring him and all references to him. He was, to my relief, happy to see me and climbed right up in bed with me. His Omama had him dressed adorably for the occasion and I was thrilled to see him after our first, and therefore longest, separation since he was born two years and three months ago. 

What Sam really dug about the hospital was unpacking my makeup bag and putting everything (including mascara) on his cheeks while the adults were distracted by his baby brother. I believe Sam is clever enough to have realized this will serve as an advantage for him. 

The next day, Sam came back with his dad to "bring his baby brother home." He'd helped me pick out fabric for a blanket I meant to make for Jake (but Loretta actually ended up making for him in the final hours of his incubation). So Matt talked him into bringing the "George blanket" (Curious George) and he helped carry the car seat into the room. All was fine until he seemed to realize all of that was coming back into the car, with the baby. Then he flipped out the rest of the way home.

He was not interested in being coaxed into looking at, being photographed with or talking about Baby Jake. I did, however, see him studying from a distance and am sure he was taking notes on the changing dynamics of our family. And as is just his way, the first moment he had a moment where all the adults were occupied at the table, he asked to be excused. He then hopped down from his "big boy chair" and acted like he was going into the playroom. Except he didn't. He back-tracked over to the bassinet and peeked in. He stared for a few minutes and then said: "Hi baby!"

Sam takes an interest (2)
Ever since he checked him out on his own terms, it's been all good. Except, of course, for a few details like the previously mentioned use of baby's head as a car ramp.

3 thoughts on “Sam takes an interest

  1. Hi Nathalie,
    Do you know about the Sesame Street DVD, Three Bears and a New Baby? I have recommended it to others when baby number two comes along and they have liked it a lot. I think it’s the best SS video (right up there with Zoe’s Dance Moves, which was pretty popular at our house). Best of luck with the your two brothers. 🙂


  2. Well I officially have a lump in my throat when I read that Sam said, “Hi Baby”. I think it would seem strange for him to just adapt and accept right away. He’s a little man of discernment and I’m sure Jake will have to earn his approval day by day. Oh how I remember those days. Bianca is 2yrs and 3 mos older than Andre and Andre is 2 yrs 3 mos. older than Anya. Not really a plan…??


  3. CK – I hadn’t heard about that DVD but will check it out. A lot of the books I read Sam about this brother gig were misleading 🙂
    Uncle P – that’s the same spread as Sam and Jake 2 yrs, 3 mos!


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