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Raising the Hardy Boys

Our nap time negotiations with Sam have evolved into the creation of Sam's first little reward chart. I've been dreaming of this day. (Sadly, that's really true). It's pretty basic: each nap earns a gold star on the chart. Five stars equals one new Matchbox car. Matt laughed when I presented Sam with his new chart. "I was thinking some lines with a Sharpie, but this works." It'd better work! I found coordinating clipart and did a Microsoft Word table and the whole bit and then got a little crafty with a hole punch and ribbon.

He got a gold star the first day. Sweet! We weren't totally sure if he understood the concept, but we were hopeful. The second day as I was putting him down for his nap, Sam said:

"No, nap! No gold star, no red star, no green star. NO NIGHT NIGHT!"

"So how about silver?" I asked, trying not to laugh. Sam didn't think it was all that funny.

So I think he gets it.

3 thoughts on “Sam’s first reward chart

  1. Omg! I am the reward chart QUEEN! They totally work and you can evolve them as they grow. My kids still laugh about them. Good job mama! Sam will catch on after he gets his first car. Good luck. Consistency is the key. Good luck! u.p.


  2. emily says:

    This worked for N.C. at around 3ish. We tried a while back with L.C. but didn’t have any luck, perhaps I’ll try again…for night, as we no longer take naps *sigh*


  3. Suzie Berger says:

    you guys are so cute!


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