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Raising the Hardy Boys

Remember the last time you had a new job and you made it to the end of your first day, relieved and head whirling with all you'd learned and all you needed to remember for the next day?

That's how I felt when I passed out last night the second Baby Jake closed his dark, little eyes: wiped out and thankful I survived my first day. Funny thing, I did more than survive. It was actually a really, really good day.

Having my mom here for the first two weeks of Jake's life was key in my successful first day flying solo with two little ones. I am well on the way to recovery physically (and mentally/emotionally) from the whole labor and delivery experience. I got to sleep in the mornings, at least until Sam figured out how to open the gate and sneak upstairs, crash into our bedroom and yell: "Hi, Mama!" And I got to spend some time snuggling this new little guy without hurrying to get Sam out of his crib when he starts calling: "New diaper, Mama!" at 6:30 a.m. I also got to think ahead about how I wanted to do things now that the real baby is here. Turns out, that's a lot different than thinking about how I want to do things while it's still theoretical. And, of course, there's the fact that my mom helped do everything else when it came to running the house.

I went to bed a little apprehensive about how things would go on my first day outnumbered by little people but I had a plan–you know how I love a plan–and I've learned to plan to be flexible so that's kinda the best of both worlds, right?

My plan included waking up earlier than Sam and Jake to make sure I got my shower in first. I consider this akin to the whole "put your own oxygen mask on first" spiel on airplanes. I think it was a good call because once both boys were up it was a non-stop merry-go-round the rest of the day. In a mostly fun kind of way. Really. Mostly … I'm being reasonable here.

Today, Lucy decided to challenge me and ran away before I got in the shower and then rolled in poo and had the nerve to show up at the door like that. So now I've got to figure out how to get her bathed and be ready for my meeting tonight and well, you know … Luckily, we've got friends coming by with dinner!

2 thoughts on “First day on the job, outnumbered

  1. Oh, my LORD, how this brings it all back. I made need some therapy to get through the flash back. You’ll be fine my dear, more than fine…it flies by in a flash and believe me – you’ll miss it. Not that you won’t wish yourself on another planet regularly, but it passes (as you know). Whenever you think you can’t take another moment, think of my mom…she had six! (3mo. old twins and she got pregnant again only to have my brother on the twins 1st birthday! I am not making this up! u.p. 🙂 one little day at a time….some times 10 mins at a time.


  2. Suzie Berger says:

    so cute…what a great mommy!


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