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Raising the Hardy Boys

Figuring out the topic for February's column was a no-brainer. Finding time to write it and then edit it to be appropriate for a family newspaper proved to be a little more challenging. I'm not sure how my column in March, April, May, etc. is going to get finished unless of course my mom wants to come back out and visit her adorable grandsons and new friends as well as get a nice fix of PNW weather. Sam is ready for her to come back, too. He keeps putting cars in a pile saying, "Omama fix it."

Speaking of Sam and cars … he earned his first Matchbox car yesterday as a reward for getting five gold stars on his nap chart. That's right, he took five naps in six days … it's not a perfect system. In fact, he seems to be rethinking it as I type this.

Here's a link my column if you're interested:

One thought on “Columns and cars

  1. Brava! Brava! And again, congratulations to all for everything you each endured and survived. Lovely piece. u.p.


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