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Raising the Hardy Boys

Sam & Jake
Sam & Jake (2)
Sam & Jake (3)
Sam & Jake binky 
On the way to pre-preschool this morning, Sam said "bless you" when Jake coughed and then said, "Thank you, Mama."

"For what, bud?"

"For my brother Jake."

Somehow I kept the car on the road through my misty eyes.    

Sam decided Jake is ready for a Giraffe of his very own. I was shocked to see Sam put Giraffe in the swing and say "there you go Jake." As soon as he did it though, he looked a little freaked out. He looked at me and said "That's Sam's Jaff. I take it back okay? I give him binky."

Since then he's been insisting that I take a little stuffed tiger along every time I pick his little brother up.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Surprises

  1. Nadya Zimmerman says:

    Really, no comments on the pjs with the cowboy boots?? You’re getting soft!
    Little Bear series of books has one where Emily gives Little Bear her doll Lucy and then takes it back, but the gesture is so much about trying to give a part of herself out of love and friendship . . . amazing about Sam with Jake!


  2. mel says:

    Awwww!! That is so sweet!!! I love it! The pictures are great too- love the boots and pj combo… He is ready for anything!!


  3. So what’s funny to me is that I didn’t even notice the boots with the jams, that is how normal that is around here 🙂


  4. Yes, me too! I noticed the cowboy boots right off, lol. What a great little family. Take notes!! xxx u/p


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