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Raising the Hardy Boys

I do it to myself, but that doesn't make it any less irritating. My plate got a little full and now I'm sick. Just a cold and a little pink eye for added fun, and because I didn't have enough laundry backing up.

I'm fine as long as I don't bend over or move much. I'm sure the boys will understand. Luckily the sun is out and I bet I can keep Sam happily busy at the park and a little Vitamin D won't hurt me either.

The pink eye thing is a bummer but what really sucks is that I have to wear my old, crooked glasses with a really outdated prescription so I can't see that well and I'm super self-conscious in them. I have a council meeting tonight and have to show up looking like a nerd with puffy eyes. It reminds me of the time I had to show up at a tennis match wearing my glasses held together by tape.

I think I'll add getting new glasses to my list of things to do this month!

2 thoughts on “All is quiet on the blogging front

  1. I’m quite sure you are in need of massive doses of chocolate! Hang in there mama, I’m quite sure you’ll be the cutest nerd on the council! Does a nap fit in to your equation?xxx


  2. Suzie Berger says:

    You’re too beautiful to ever look like a nerd! I don’t even care if your look involves duct tape and pocket protectors!


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