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When it comes to success, I don't think there's any one key but rather a bulky, jangling key ring – like the kind custodians have. Think: the kind that would rip out your ignition.

So one  of those keys to success is having genuine manners. To me that means not just "good" manners where you know to say please and thank you but real, authentic manners. I am happy that while people can say things about my son that might be less than flattering, he already has better manners than some of the adults I interact with. One of my things is that while I try to give him a lot of choices, sometime the only options are: he can say "yes, please" or "no, thanks."

Imagine my surprise, though, when he gave me a little lesson in manners.

He was sitting in my lap as I read to him and he kept trying to pull my glasses off. I found this annoying. "Stop it, Sam." "Quit it!" "I said stop it!"

He cocked his little head to the side, smiled his spritely little smile and said:

"How about say 'no tanks' Mama." He looked at me pointedly and grabbed for the glasses again.

"No thanks, Sam." I said through gritted teeth.

"Okay Mama I stop it."

2 thoughts on “Minding my manners

  1. Suzie Berger says:

    how utterly adorable is that???


  2. On to a new level of integrity….they’ll keep you honest, they’re always watching and will make a hypocrite out of you everytime. I’ve got enough examples to fill a book! Hey, that’s an idea…. u/p


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