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Raising the Hardy Boys

A few random updates from here … I think the stress of all this house-hunting with a newborn and a toddler has officially gotten to me. I'm the kind of sick where my eyes, teeth and hair even hurt. Incidentally – when does a newborn become an infant? Probably right around now, especially when said newborn weighs in at nearly 15 pounds and is in the 92nd percentile for weight. The doctor called him "well-fed" so many times I finally had to clarify: "So, Dr. K, is that a euphemism for fat?" He assured me it wasn't. "He's just well-fed." And huge. Also, awesome.

What else … oh, yeah. The inspection on our cute, clean Farmhouse came back with a few "issues." We will spend the rest of the day figuring out if those are deal-breakers. I was back on RLMS late last night, so you know … that's terrific.

As Matt and I were trying to weigh our options over dinner, Sam excused himself to play. He kept just barely missing the sharp edge of the table but I always cupped my hand over the corner to protect him if he did hit it. The kid never even knew how many times he came close to getting hurt.

I couldn't help but wonder if this isn't God's way of cupping his hand over the sharp edge, protecting us from getting hurt … I don't know. I really just don't know.

I mostly just want to curl up in bed with some Theraflu and rest but instead I will play cars, Legos, Playdoh, balls, tools and color … all before 11 a.m. because the weather report says:

"Showers early becoming less numerous later."

Sam, by the way is the cutest little kid and has started requesting "mo' classical music" at bed time. Also, he likes to have his feet "high-fived."

One thought on “In other news

  1. Don’t know what I love most, God cupping His hand over the sharp edge or the feet high fives. Wishing you health and patience. You pick the order. xxx


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