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Raising the Hardy Boys






December first …

the hardest part about picking my story for the day was narrowing it down to one, there were so many fun things today: my article ran in Metro Parent, we got our Christmas cards in the mail, we started decorating and started our advent calendars.

I think the story I’ll pick though is traditions.

Celebrating old favorites – Advent calendars! Every year my mom got us advent calendars with little chocolates in them. She sent Sam one for this year and I suspect this daily piece of chocolate will be one of Sam’s favorites, too. We also brought down our advent tree from Matt’s mom and put the first ornament on last night:


And creating new ones:

Christmas “peejamoz” (Pajamas). The boys got to open one present last night – Christmas pajamas and then I spent 20 minutes trying to get just one good picture. I think I’ll change my definition of a “good” picture!


{Notes to self: use the tags from pajamas on the page, try to get pic with boys in jams at window standing still, take picture of advent calendars before they're opened/decorated – end albumn with a picture of them opened and decorated. Make a list of filler pages for days I come up short on ideas/time/inspiration}

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