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Raising the Hardy Boys

I was relieved to read my column in print, Emily wrote to tell me it was better than I’d feared and as I read it I realized part of this “new” me, which is to say the me I used to be before I got all mentally ill self-conscious about everything, is writing from the heart with less interference from my head.

So here it is: the link to my January column about Mom friends and whose job it is to keep your head out of the oven.



Yesterdays’ pictures of the day – Sam waiting for me to get Jake in the Ergo to walk him to school and Jake happy to be snuggled in there. Sam had his first show-and-tell yesterday and picked the little Monchichi doll “his brudder” got him for Christmas.



Favorite Overheard:

“I’m Sam! And dis is my brudder Kubko, and my friend Daddy and my other friend, Mama.”

As you know I tend to find some cool things online when I’m on deadline procrastinating, errr … letting things marinate.

Here are a few of my favorites this week:

1. Ana-White DIY furniture – Wow! I found this while looking up DIY kitchens for kids and this site made me want to borrow some of Matt’s tools. I realized that might lead to injury so I just marveled over more of Ana’s work. So awesome!

2. I {heart} organizing – enough said. Love the colors she uses and looking forward to poking around a little more.

3. Prudent Baby – I can’t wait to check out more of this site … maybe after I submit my column.

Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Mom Groups and Friday Favorites

  1. emily says:

    Did Matt make that awesome bench?


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