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Raising the Hardy Boys

It might be a bit premature to say what’s working in regards to my Project Life. But these are the things I am doing differently in my process to help me achieve a more satisfying result than last year’s experience of loving the project but feeling constantly “behind.”

This year my goal is to embrace (My One Little Word) and enjoy the process of putting together this awesome record of our real life.

Here are the tweaks I’ve made to my process:

Handling Photos | Last year I waited until I had a big enough batch of photos to justify the shipping from Shutterfly. This created a constant catch-up cycle. Worse, for me though, is that for some reason I get overwhelmed by choosing, editing, uploading the right pictures so it was always a task I procrastinated on.

This year my friend Amy pointed out that the grocery store I shop at has a photo lab. Yes, the Fred Meyer I’ve gone to a minimum of once a week has a photo processing center. I guess I stay focused on keeping my kids safely in the cart and sticking to my list or something! Anyway I priced them at .13 cents a print which means a picture a day for a year would be $48.00. So worth it to stay on top of this project and enjoy it. This means I am uploading to the Fred Meyer photo center on line and picking up one or two pictures at a time when I run in to pick up the milk we’re always running out of! Bonus? I’m getting to know the people who work there and when my brand new camera stopped working on Tuesday, the manager was beyond awesome at helping me return and replace it!

Shifting Perspective | Project Life is like laundry, only way more fun! There is no such thing as totally caught up. There will always be something, to mend, throw in the wash, iron out wrinkles … whatever. You can lament those things or be grateful to have clothes! Project Life, like laundry, works better for me when I have a system in place and then tweak as needed. I do better keeping my family in clean socks and underwear when I do a load day – start to finish than waiting to climb Fly Lady's Mount Washmore. Same with Project Life.

Journaling |  As a long time lover of my Moleskine planners I am delighted to be using these monthly pocket planners:

Moleskine 2012 12 Month Color A Month Daily Planner: Set of 12 Monthly Planners

I just jot a few lines, an overheard conversation,   something I want to Google to go with the journaling, etc. Love it. Plus, they’ll tuck in nicely into the 4×6 pockets at the end of the year!

For a link to my past Wednesday “what’s working” posts click here.

What’s working for you guys, Project Life or  otherwise?!

p.s. Thank you again Erin Goodman for the inspiration to do What’s Working posts! To learn more about Erin click here.

4 thoughts on “{What’s Working}

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m laughing – I used those planners in 2010 and while I loved them, I didn’t actually use them daily; so in my mind, not enough to justify buying them again. But now you have me thinking “Well if it’s part of project life, then I can do it!!”


  2. Karen Moore says:

    Hey Girl … I do my journaling every night when I’m checking my emails and FB, one last time. I have a word document set up just for my notes and add all sorts of things – quotes, favorite sites I’ve found (like YOURS), words of wisdom. Whatever catches my fancy. Tonight in fact I’m trying to condense the first week into one little 4 x 6 typed sheet. What will work even more is getting the package I ordered last week in the mail! (I’m not good at waiting, when I order something online I want it THE NEXT DAY!) Note: NEVER pray for patience because God will give you “opportunities” to be patient, always pray He removes your impatience! Loved your tip about just ordering your photos for ONE week. Huh, what a concept! I tend to order mine from Walmart online but I don’t want to get behind because then I’ll be befuddled!
    Love, love, love you and your blog!!!


  3. Ha! I bought them thinking they’d be my regular planner but realized as adorable as they were they were too small for that. So then what to do with them? I was excited when I realized how ideal they are for the way I do Project Life .


  4. Awww – thank you!!! Got love those opportunities! Do you ever use Ali’s long journalers?


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