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Two weeks down, 50 to go! Here’s my layout for my second week of Project Life. That sounds more casual than I feel. I feel excited to have found a way to keep up on the awesomeness that is Project Life. *
I love this picture I got of Matt shaving as Sam stared, mesmerized. I recorded part of the conversation on my journaling card.
This picture of the boys just before lights out on Kubko’s birthday is one of my favorites.
I hope Sam doesn’t realized I snuck some of his Cars stickers to use for one the cards.

I haven’t figured out how I’m going to add the week numbers to the title cards. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I figure if I find the right thing for me, I can go back and add them.




Just a reminder (Mami) that you can double click on the pictures to see them larger.

Note to Self: Make insert for Kuby’s birthday by printing pictures from Facebook timeline and use the numbers stickers. Ten pictures with list of ten lines about the day – use captions from Facebook. Maybe enlarge one or two favorites with a few facts about  him at this age to put in the baby book I might make someday.

Edited to add: Some of you have asked if I could include the journaling – I love to see that in other pages so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it. Maybe because I handwrite most of them and don’t want to retype everything? Hopefully these close ups will work:



*I can post about what’s working to help me keep up … if enough of you are interested.

5 thoughts on “{Project Life–week two}

  1. Melissa says:

    Please post your tips! I am caught up so far but…it’s only week 2.


  2. I know, I hope I’m not jinxing myself 🙂 But hey, we’re off to a great start, right?


  3. Nancy McM says:

    I would absolutely enjoy reading “what’s working to keep you keep up” if you have the time. I so enjoy looking at these types of layouts, yet just thinking about doing it has me completely overwhelmed, so I have never done PL. This year I am doing “12-on-12” I actually took 12 pics on Jan. 12th but haven’t done a layout yet. And I write a little something on my day calendar every day… so if I keep up with that perhaps PL is something I can consider next year.


  4. Looks great – and now I want some cake!


  5. Karina says:

    You are doing so good getting all those great family pics. I need to do more of that – but it always seems so rushed (or too dark) when we are all together. Would love to hear tips on how you are keeping up. So far – so good – but I know it could all fly out the window with one bad (fall behind) week.


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